Books I am Reading


The Bible

Everyday I pick up this book and dissect its knowledge for my life. Yes I scribble and highlight through it. David said, I hide thy word in my heart that I might not sin against you. I prefer the NASB translation because of accuracy to the oldest manuscripts that archeology has found and proven authentic.


The Key Word Bible

What a great help this has been in my study of God’s word. I use this one everyday.



Ok This one is heavy, but in my personal devotion times. I am starting through Obadiah. I will be using the NKJV for this study. I am really excited about this. (4/23/2018)

Finding Jesus

Finding Jesus in the Old Testament

I am really enjoying this one, especially as I am reading a book on Leviticus.  The authors insight into covenants is really good. In my morning devotions, I am currently reading through Romans and Leviticus and find this book to be a great help in understanding Paul’s thoughts on the law and redemption. I will post the other book on Leviticus soon. (Yes, I know my devotion times are intense. Aren’t yours?)


Searching for Jesus

Great Book. Easy to read. Updates you on new archeology evidence as well as scientific research, regarding the Bible and Jesus.


Sitting At The Feet of Rabbi Jesus

Since Jesus was a Jew and most of the New Testament was written by Jews, It give a perspective through Jewish eyes. Does a great job explaining discipleship from a Jewish viewpoint.

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