My name is Stephan, I started this blog to help strengthen the faith of people who love Jesus. To inspire you to live a life that leaves evidence that proves your faith in Jesus Christ. Faith without proof deny’s your belief. What proves your faith? What is the evidence that your faith is real?  There is so much misunderstanding of Christianity today. My goal is to provide you a biblical point of view to some of the tough questions that you might face as a follower of Jesus Christ. The order in which I structure this blog is simple: Jesus first, then scripture, prayerful consideration of my thoughts, and finally to emphasize God’s love for you and the love we are to show others.

The love we show is the proof of our faith. The inspiration for my blogging comes from the passage 1 Peter 1:6-7. Many people call themselves Christians, but is there any proof? Their needs to be evidence to our faith. Why do you call yourself a Christian? The word Christian implies follower of Christ. Are you a full time follower of Jesus? The evidence you leave for others needs to be the proof of your faith. It needs to demonstrate the love and compassion of Jesus.

Do people see the love that you have for them, are they taken back by your kindness and gentleness? Each day I examine myself to find out, if there is any proof to my faith. Do I demonstrate to others; the attributes of love, compassion, grace and forgiveness that He did for me? In the end the Christian walk is all about love. Its all about His love for you, your love for God and your love for others.

Love is the Proof of our Faith.

Please let me know what you think. I love feed back. The pictures I use are all originals.

God Bless!


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